Resources and Support

The MAVRC routinely helps students navigate Georgetown-offered and external resources, provide tailored advising, and help students navigate unexpected leaves of absence.

  • Georgetown-Offered Resources—From health and wellness help to academic assistance to spiritual support,  Georgetown offers a plethora of resources to assist students and enrich their educational experience. The MAVRC collaborates closely with these departments to help military-connected students.
  • External Resources—Students sometimes have issues that Georgetown is not best suited to address. For example, suppose a student needs help with VA disability claims. In that case, we might help them connect with a reputable veteran service organization like Disabled American Veterans. The MAVRC routinely surveys reputable resources and service organizations to assist with such instances.
  • Leaves of Absence—Georgetown maintains policies that ensure students are not adversely affected by forces outside their control—such as an unexpected deployment or critical medical condition. Please contact the MAVRC if you are considering disenrolling for medical or military-service reasons to explore pursuing a leave of absence.
  • Advising—Schedule a meeting with the MAVRC to develop an admissions strategy, explore MAVRC partnerships, navigate the military-to-civilian transition, or other topics as desired.