Research and Assessment

The Military and Veterans Resource Center (MAVRC) is responsible for analyzing the demographic characteristics and needs of Georgetown’s military-connected students and findings new and innovative ways to provide support.

The MAVRC strives to stay up-to-date on our student’s demographics and military-connected student enrollment trends and provide certain outcome metrics. Additionally, the MAVRC will periodically distribute a student support survey to capture the challenges of our students at each stage in the military-to-civilian transition.

Who are our Students?

  • Approximately 86% of our military-connected students pursue graduate-level programs.
  • Approximately 7% of military-connected students at Georgetown enroll in undergraduate programs
  • Approximately 5% and 2% of military-connected students pursue research-based doctoral programs and non-degree certificate programs, respectively.
  • Most Georgetown military-connected students are service members—with an estimated 56% being veterans, 20% national guard or reservists, 18% active duty, 4% dependent children, and 2% military spouses.
  • Nearly 60% of military-connected students at Georgetown work full-time.
  • Almost 40% of military-connected students pursue their degrees online.
  • Business, law, intelligence, nursing, cyber security, and technology management are some of the most popular fields of study for military-connected students at Georgetown.