Faculty and Administrator Resources

Military-connected students engage with countless campus administrators, faculty and staff, and therefore we recognize that it takes a team to support our military-connected students as they pursue academic and career objectives. If you have a student who self-identifies as having a connection to the military and could benefit by connecting with our office or one the military-connected organizations, the Veterans Office is a resource to you as well. 

We also recognize that many members of the Georgetown community who support students inside and outside of the classroom, identify as having a military connection. The Veterans Office serves administrators, faculty, and staff who identify as service members, veterans, and military families. 

For more information about the services the Veterans Office provides and educational financial information for military-connected members at Georgetown University, please review the Veterans Office Services and Financing Your Education documents. 

Vet ALLy

Georgetown University’s Veterans Office held its first Veteran Education Training (VET) Ally Program in 2013 to start a dialogue among the campus community to identify the strengths and challenges service members, veterans, and military family members face while pursuing their academic and career goals in a civilian environment.  In 2016, the VET Ally Program took place on the Main Campus and for the first time at the School of Continuing Studies to engage more than 50 faculty, staff, and civilian students to establish and equip allies to be a safe space for military students to seek support academically, personally, and professionally.            

The Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits, was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola after recovering from a battle wound and overcoming the challenges he faced while transitioning from being a warrior to a civilian. Georgetown University is a Catholic and Jesuit institution and prides itself with shaping a campus environment around the Jesuit values to educate the whole person. Due to the deep historical connections to the military and the Jesuit values of care and service, Georgetown identifies the responsibility of serving the military community who are a part of the campus community as students, faculty, staff, alumni, and neighbors. 

The mission of the VET Ally program is to provide military-connected students with a welcoming and supportive environment in which they can pursue their academic, personal, and professional goals. In order to create this environment, awareness is required so that members of Georgetown’s community who are not directly connected to the military can create a supportive campus. The VET Ally Program provides our campus with a visible network of knowledgeable supporters of service members, veterans, and military families. The 2-hour seminar covers many topics of great importance to military students studying at Georgetown. Some of the topics paint with wide brushes, so we encourage VET Allies to continue learning about the specific issues faced by military students in higher education by connecting with the Veterans Office and participating in other programs on campus around military topics. This year the programs had sessions on the history of military students in higher education, identifying the services available both on and off campus, perspectives from faculty on how to be a supportive faculty member or administrator, and perspectives from current military students. Participants are offered a handbook that serves as a resource to help VET Allies support the military community. VET Allies are also issued a decal to display in their office or space to highlight that the space is military-friendly. 

Please check back for information about seminar dates for the 2017-2018 academic year. If you are interested in bringing the program to a department, you can email our office to arrange a seminar.